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How can we help you?

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Buy a Top Ad

A Top Ad is a sponsored advert that appears on top of the page for a given period of time. Many people read and reply to these ads hence they get up to 60X more views compared to a normal ad.


 The Top Ad section will display up to 3 Top Ads at a time. The system rotates all the top ads each time the page is refreshed to ensure equal visibility for all Top Ads.

Buying a Top Ad is the best way to help sell your item faster.While a normal Ad drops down the listing page as new ads are posted, a top ad remains on top of the page. 

 You can purchase a Top Ad for a prefered period e.g  7 days, 30 days or 60 days and get up to 60X visibility. These options are available on the bottom of the posting page when posting or editing an ad. 

Please note: Payments vary depending on the category you are posting In. 

When a potential Buyer clicks on your AD they will still be able to see a link to your other ads.