How can we help you?

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How can we help you?

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What OLX does in case of fraud?

Once you’ve experienced or come across a suspicious individual, immediately report the user via our website contact button or call us on directly  0709 924 000.

Here are just some of the details that we’ll need:

  • Alleged scammer’s OLX account link, username or mobile number
  • The item on sale
  • Screenshot of your conversation via chat, SMS , email or funds transfer message. 
  • Ant other relevant information 

We’ll review the case and evidence you’ve sent us. When proven to be a scam, we’ll suspend the fraudster’s OLX account right away. We will also advise you to reach out to the nearest police station to file a formal complaint.

Please note; OLX does not mediate in transactions. Finalization of payment, and all other details are agreed upon only between the Buyer and Seller. Learn more about Security