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OLXPay: A Guide for 1st time users


OLXPay is a free & automated payment service where the money is held in trust on behalf of the buyer until the item/service is delivered & the buyer is satisfied


OLXPay has been introduced with the aim of building trust among buyers and sellers as well as ensuring safety of cash and items for the OLX customers.


Below are the simple steps outlining how OLXPay works :

  1. The buyer/ seller requests to use the OLXPay service.
  2. OLX advises the customer on how OLXPay works and creates an account for the seller.
  3. OLX sends the account details (account number & M-Pesa Paybill number-502400) to the seller via the OLX official SMS portal.
  4. The seller shares the account details with the buyer.
  5. The buyer sends cash to OLXPay.
  6. An SMS notification is sent to both the buyer & Seller. The buyer is notified that the cash has been received on OLXPay while the seller is notified of the same & advised to arrange for delivery.
  7. The Seller arranges for delivery.
  8. After delivery, the seller requests for payment approval by sending CONFIRM LCH0DSY09G (M-Pesa transaction code) to 22154.
  9. The buyer receives an SMS notification asking them if they have received the item(s).
  10. The buyer replies with a YES to 22154.
  11. The seller receives an SMS notification that the payment has been confirmed/approved.
  12. The seller may withdraw the cash by sending Withdraw & Amount to 22154, e.g Withdraw 20,000
  13. The money is deposited into the seller’s MPESA account.


  • If the buyer replies with a NO in step 10 above, the money is held on OLXPay pending dispute resolution.
  • If after 12 hours the buyer won’t have responded to the question under step 9, the transaction is deemed to be successful and the money moves from OLXPay to the seller’s wallet (account).
  • The seller can check the account balance by sending the word Balance to 22154.
  • The Service is free of charge including all the SMSes sent out to 22154.