How can we help you?


How can we help you?

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Posting Rules FAQs

How many ads can i post in a day? 

You are allowed to post 5 ads in your account across all the categories.  Please note you can only post or refresh 5 ads in a day. If this limit is exceed your account will be banned. 

How many times can i post an advert? 

On OLX each advert should be posted once. Repetition or posting similar items more than once this is termed as duplication and can lead to indefinite closure of your account. Each item or product should have a unique title, photo, and description.  If you would like your ad to come to the top of the page use the refresh button. 

How many ads can refresh in a day?

Refreshing ads is no longer possible. Instead you can republish an ad after 60 days. That means the ad stays live for an additional 30 days before it's deleted.

I want my ad to appear in different locations?

All items posted on OLX are visible to buyers searching your item countrywide, therefore it is not necessary to post in multiple locations. 

I am selling many items, can i register another account?

When selling similar items you can only register one number as your account and use it through out to list.  If you have more than one number and you would like to use it, add it in the descriptions. If you encounter any challenges contact us 

Can I post different items in one advert? 

Adding different commodities in one advert is not allowed as this lowers you chances of selling and detracts general buyer experience. Ensure you post a single item in each posting form except for related services or items.  

My ad was removed how will i know the reason?

If you ad gets rejected, you will receive an SMS with the reason for rejection click on the link it will open your advert in your account; here you can edit or post the advert afresh to continue selling. 

Can i reactivate my inactive ads?

If your ad has expired and you would like to continue selling you can reactivate it, however if the advert was removed by a moderator or your account was banned or restricted, activating these ads is not allowed and may lead to automatic closure of the account. 

My account says banned how do i get to know the reason?

We have various rules that can lead to banning or restriction of your account;

  1. If you post duplicate or similar ads
  2. Posting or refreshing more the 5 items in your account
  3. Having multiple accounts- Posting using more than on phone number.    
  4. Posting prohibited items, see a full list of our posting rules   

I offer different services, how do i post them? 

Related services like printing, kids entertainment, cleaning services, fumigation and event planning should be put in one advert. e.g  mugs printing, T-shirt printing, cap printing or carpet cleaning, house cleaning, office cleaning- these should be included in one advert as they offer one service in different capacities.